Pictures From Tara’s Birthday

Daily inspiration from a calendar my parents made the first year they were married

Me with my loot!  And my sign that my friend Maylis made for a little party some fellow spouses had for me 
Adorable tea towels and home fragrance from Aunt Susie… 
Amazing Urban Decay eyeshadows from my grandma…

Perfume, candy, a cooling rack and timer from Caleb…

A robe, tweezers, salad servers, microfiber cleaning cloth, and Odyssey and Radio Theater CDs from my parents…

Cards from family and friends…I’ve gotten some more very cute ones since I took this picture, too!  I felt very loved  🙂 
Birthday dessert of choice.  Actually, my first choice would have been an amazing fruit pizza but this turned out to be a lot cheaper and easier.  

All in all, a great day!

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2 thoughts on “Pictures From Tara’s Birthday

  1. Looks like you are very blessed! Our card wasn't in the photo, so I hope it came. I think it so neat that you have the calendar from your parents.

  2. It did come and I loved it! Thanks so much for sending it!

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