Pensacola Trip

For the long 4th of July weekend, we went to Pensacola, FL, and stayed at a lovely hotel at Pensacola NAS (Naval Air Station), which is an large and amazing base that made me a little less excited about the base we currently live on, but I guess it proves the bases will probably only get bigger and better from here.  Pensacola NAS also happens to be home to the Blue Angels and the Naval Air Museum, which deserves its own post because it was so large and amazing.  Anyway, here are some other pictures from the trip.

The boys went sailing…

While the girls did some paddle-boarding!  So fun! 
This was the best shot I could muster of the groups of dolphins swimming around the harbor.  So exciting!

“Home of the Blue Angels!”  Unfortunately they were out of town when we were there. 😦 
In front of the Pensacola NAS lighthouse.  They were charging a silly amount of money  to climb to the top so we just got these two pictures and went back to the beach! 

In some rocking chairs on the lighthouse front porch

While I went for a walk with my friend, Caleb and another guy caught this jellyfish!  There was also another small fish in there but it’s kind of hard to see.  

And some hermit crabs!

Stay tuned for museum pictures!

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2 thoughts on “Pensacola Trip

  1. Looks like a fun trip! You look so pretty, Tara. That paddleboarding thing looks fun. I totally thought you caught a picture of a shark before I read the comment on the dolphin picture!

  2. Thanks for new pictures. Looks like a good time was had by all.

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