Naval Air Museum Pictures

First of all, I have to apologize for the amount of these pictures.  Normally I have no problem brutally paring down my shots into a few good ones but I really felt there were so many cool displays at the museum that this really was the bare minimum.  Enjoy!
Me as a Blue Angel!

Speaking of the devils…some older planes that maybe used to be Blue Angels?  Or they might just be models. Not really sure, to be honest. 
Uh, another Navy Fighter plane.  Not sure which one.  :- /

One of my favorite parts was the large multi-room display they had of a WWII-era ship and town, because my maternal grandpa was stationed on the USS Maryland when it was attacked at Pearl Harbor, so I could picture him living in a ship like this.  Here we have the “head” where my grandpa said he was when he was first alerted to the attack. 
Bunks.  They also had some lockers that didn’t make it into the shot but had personal belongings and girlfriend pictures taped up.  Actually, in nearly every room of the ship, they had those sepia 5X7 photos of some forties girls.  

The dispensary, or medical room of the ship.  Note the photo on the wall. 

A very cool, huge, detailed model of the USS Enterprise

I made Caleb let me take his picture with the hot air balloons since they have a hot air balloon festival in his hometown and he seems to like it so much.  🙂

Fighters on a model of the USS George H.W. Bush, the Navy’s newest carrier

This was a cool display/book promo of the story of these three guys who survived 34 days on this raft, I think WWII era also. 

If you look closely you can see their tally marks where they kept track of the days on board. 
In the little Pearl Harbor Display was this diagram of the arrangement of the ships there when they fell under attack.  My mom’s dad was on the USS Maryland.  

Outside the museum with an F-18. This is the aircraft that the Blue Angels currently use.  I wish they painted all planes prettily like they paint the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds.  I was pretty disappointed to learn that the majority of all the other military planes are some variation of gray.  

Caleb with a neat sculpture.  Each pilot represents a different American war; from the left: WWI, WWII, Korean, Vietnam, and Gulf(?)  Caleb may correct me on this.  The WWII guy is telling the other pilots a flying story with his hands.  Which they do.  

This place was stuffed full of planes!  Very difficult to capture but neat. 
This display reminded me of how my grandma and grandpa probably looked in the 40s.  Except they both had darker hair than these wax figures.  

In the same display as the flirty sailor, they had a WWII era American street, complete with a grocery store with items with ration points, a shoe shiner working, a movie theater, a barbershop, and on the right here is the “1940s home” with a radio and historically accurate kitchen and decorations.  If you look closely you can see the blue star banner hanging in the lower windows, symbolizing that that a family member was serving.  Pretty cool! 
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  1. Don't apologize – we love seeing pictures!

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