A few quick updates from the past couple weeks: 

The week after the Fourth of July weekend, Caleb got to go to San Antonio for a few days for a trip to the highly dreaded/anticipated centrifuge.  In case you’re not familiar, the Air Force has a handful of these devices that you sit in and they spin around really fast to simulate flying at up to 9 Gs.  Caleb pulled 5 and 6 Gs for 30 seconds each and 7.5 Gs for 15 seconds during his day there.  He did not black out, which is common, but I did get to see the video and it looked like an invisible hand was trying to rip my beloved’s face off, which is something I think every wife would prefer not to see.  He also got to go to Sea World and spend an evening on the famous Riverwalk.

Last week I enjoyed a trip back to CO where I caught up with my old ballet studio, worship team, went to the rodeo and spent time with my friends, worked on some wedding stuff, and spent time with my parents.  On the way home I accidentally left my phone at the airport in Dallas, so that was disappointing, but oh well, whatcha gonna do? (as Caleb would say)

And lastly, a rant: while weeding our flower beds today, I was attacked by a band of fire ants, which should be more accurately renamed Satan ants! If you have never experienced Satan ants, count your blessings.  They are these deceptively cute mini-ants that swarm over whatever body part you stick closest to their hub and clamp onto your skin with their little jaws until you pinch them off and wipe them onto some other surface.  Then wherever they bit you hurts like the dickens for I’d say a good thirty minutes, and then the little bites itch like the dickens for a least a week thereafter.  Satan ants!  

All right, that’s all for today.  Aside from the ant issues, we’re happy to be home at the same time for a while now and have been appreciating our air conditioning! 

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2 thoughts on “Snippets

  1. The pain is unbelievable! Once in Georgia, I got a single bite or two and was complaining so much that our babysitter thought I might have gotten a snake bite.

  2. Glad Caleb did OK. Not glad you got bitten. Yikes! We have mosquitoes, but I'm glad we don't have Satan ants! Glad you had a good time in CO.

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