So there’s a fellow spouse on base who has a blog called “Last Project For  Awhile”. This other spouse is actually an amazingly talented super crafty person, whereas I prefer just the occasional, practical, not super-detailed project but I still adore this title because that’s how I feel almost every time I’m working on some little project around the house; Boy, this is kind of a pain.  This is not turning out exactly how I pictured it.  This is my last project for a while.  But somehow, more opportunities keep popping up.  Anyway, here are some of my recently completed projects. 

Here’s the corn hole set I made at the wood shop that will be available for play  at the “wedding” next May–ready to be painted! 

Here’s one after being painted and stenciled. There is actually a thin gold outline around the border and the B but it doesn’t show up too much in this picture.  On the plus side, the paint that leaked under the stencil doesn’t show in this picture either. 🙂 
Also, the desk and side table set in the study got a little face lift!  🙂   This furniture was generously donated to us by my parents and it’s been in my family since before I was born but it was time for an update. Here’s the before…

And after!  Nothing like some paint and new handles to quickly, easily, and cheaply turn around some furniture.  Welcome to the White Furniture Club, desk and side thingies! 

Also, when I was taking out the drawers from one of the side pieces, I found the warranty information for my parents’ old Hitachi camcorder (Hello, 1984!) and a confirmation card that my Aunt Susie had sent to my brother( ca. 1997?).  Talk about a blast from the past!

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4 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Beautiful…the desk project reminds me of a before-and-afters that you see on Design*Sponge. I'm so impressed!

  2. That is a huge compliment! I know someone whose dresser makeover made it on there once. She was an art major. Thanks, Katie!

  3. I love the cornhole set! What kind of paint did you use and where did you get the large stencil?

  4. Thank you! I used the cheapest primer I could find, a white semi-gloss latex paint, an orange satin finish latex paint from Lowe’s(I would have used semi-gloss but that particular shade didn’t come in semi-gloss) and gold acrylic paint(the kind you buy for 0.99 a bottle at Wal-Mart) for the trim that you can’t see. For good measure, I applied a spray-on clear finish/varnish to try to protect all the work and I wanted to it be shinier but that didn’t really work. I had to search far and wide for the stencil. I bought it from If you go to their site you can find single letters and then order it in your choice of fonts in the stencil, which is adhesive, which would have been perfect if I had sanded the plywood down a bit more. Because I am lazy, some of the paint seeped under the adhesive stencil where there were still some imperfections in the plywood. I bought I believe the 15” stencil in the font Balmoral. Also, I used masking tape and a dinner plate to help me paint the orange around the edges and hole respectively.

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