Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Yesterday I got an email from, who made the stencil that I used to paint the big fancy B on our corn hole set, saying that I was selected as the winner of the photo of the week!  I have no idea how many submissions it was chosen out of, or if it was a random drawing or chosen on merit, but supposedly it will be featured on their website and in their weekly email that goes out to 40,000 people(no word on how many of those people actually open the email).  I signed up for the email so I could see it and haven’t received anything and I’ve also searched their website trying to find my award-winning picture but have not found it.  If nothing else, we did win a $50 gift certificate to! Yay!

Here’s the money maker again, in case you forgot, or failed to notice its inherent winning qualities the first time. 😉

Our orange, white, and gold-trimmed monogrammed homemade corn hole set.  Well, half of the set. Will be available for play and autographs at the upcoming “wedding”!

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One thought on “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

  1. wow- the corn hole set looks great!

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