Wedding Sneak Peek

I read in a bridal magazine once that you shouldn’t reveal all of your wedding details to your guests before the event because then they won’t be surprised or impressed or wowed or whatever they’re supposed to be when they get there and see it altogether.  Even though we’ve still got about nine months to go, we have really got a lot of things already taken care of for the wedding!  Probably because I’m not working.  Anyway, I’m really excited about all the things we have planned: we have our sites, decorations, the florist, the photographer, the food, apparel, and my mom and I have been working on the wedding stationery( invites, programs, personalized notecards).  Actually she works on them and sends layouts to me and I get to say what I do and don’t like.  Probably more fun for me than for her but I am loving the results! 🙂 So as much as I’d like to describe everything in detail, I will just give you a sneak peek of two details that I’m really excited about.

I saw these tissue paper flowers in Martha Stewart Weddings and loved the way they looked but doubted I’d be able to achieve a similar outcome.  So I grabbed our gift tissue paper and gave it a go and guess what?  It actually was really easy.  These were just for practice; I’m ordering a couple gradients of our color for the real deal.  The only problem is now we’re out of tissue paper for gift-wrapping. 

A five-tiered cupcake stand or tower made out of MDF or particle board like this one costs about one hundred dollars online, but I’m telling you this was one of the cheapest and easiest projects ever.  First I bought four orange clay flowerpots for one dollar each and painted them white.  Then I bought a sheet of particle board for twenty dollars(you actually only need a quarter sheet, i.e. a 2’x4’ piece but I had no choice but to buy a whole sheet) and cut 9,11,13,15, and 17 inch circles out of it with a jigsaw(also easier than I thought).  Finally I painted them white and glued ribbon around the edges ( two three yard spools for two dollars each).  Et voila!  Total cost for me: twenty-eight dollars because I already had paint on hand, but if you could buy a quarter sheet of wood and still had to buy paint it would cost less than twenty dollars.  Pretty good. 
And, just for fun, here’s a picture of me harassing Caleb while he works with bubbles left over from that wedding we went to recently.  Hee hee.

 Happy Friday, everyone!

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3 thoughts on “Wedding Sneak Peek

  1. You are so creative! And yes, it's nice you have the TIME. 🙂

  2. The last picture is my favorite… 😉 But I love what I see! It must be really hard to keep it all secret.

  3. The last picture is also my favorite!! :p tehehe-Julie

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