First of all, I am very sorry that I neglected to take any pictures over our long weekend.  I will try to do better next time and I will probably take some pictures soon of some of the new goodies around the house.

Over Labor Day weekend we made the eight-hour trek to Kingsport to spend the weekend with Caleb’s family!  In addition to the two of us and Caleb’s parents, little sister, aunt, uncle, and cousin who still live in Kingsport, Caleb’s older sister came down from Annapolis, his grandparents came down from Richmond, and three cousins came home from school for this weekend! Saturday we went to the wedding of a lifelong church friend of Caleb’s that was officiated by Caleb’s father, so that was fun.  On Sunday afternoon, Caleb’s home church hosted a wedding shower for us that included lunch and cake and of course opening presents. We were very touched by the thoughtfulness and time put into the shower and were very blessed by all the gifts we received. 🙂

Surrounding those two celebrations we enjoyed time visiting, eating, and playing games with Caleb’s family.  Then after lunch on Monday we headed out through the deluge that covered our entire path to Mississippi.  We did get a short surprise visit with another of Caleb’s uncle and aunt as our completely separate paths intersected at virtually the same time, but other than that the drive was a bit nerve-wracking.  At least for me.  Caleb pretty much remained his usual calm self.

Last week and this week have been two very busy weeks for us.  Caleb has been flying at least once and usually twice a day now due to the other class in his flight graduating and the new “baby class” not being able to fly yet, so his class gets to take all the available flights, and they’ll continue to have priority over their “baby class” until graduation to make sure they stay on schedule.  They really do call them the baby class, that’s not me adding my personality!  And I have been babysitting four or five times a week pretty consistently now.

This Friday we are attending our first Air Force Birthday Ball as a couple!  This is a formal event so Caleb will be wearing his mess dress (if you haven’t seen it just go to thesaurus.com and you’ll see a picture of him under dashing or dapper 😉 ) and I am wearing a floor-length dress.  The evening includes cocktails, dinner, a speaker, and dancing!  We are looking forward to it and I promise to take at least one picture!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful time.

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