Latest Little Project

Last Friday while I was enjoying a rare day off and waiting for evening and the AF Ball to arrive, I decided to rearrange our bookcase according to color!  I had seen this in a few places and was dubious that we had enough colored books to make it work and I also enjoyed having the books grouped by content but I gave it a try and I love how it looks!

Here’s before:

And after: 

I kept all of our board games, CDs, journals, photo albums, and Academy yearbooks down at the bottom, mainly because I was afraid putting the Academy yearbooks up at the top would tip the bookcase over, ha ha! 

So here’s a close-up of just the color-coded shelves without all the miscellaneous items on the bottom two shelves:

Overall, much nicer to look at and a great way to spend a Friday morning! 

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5 thoughts on “Latest Little Project

  1. I've seen this several times is magazines too. I really like the transformation! I like the way you have an item on each shelf like a picture or a book facing forward. Adds to the interest. Charlottes's Web was a great choice! And the blue words tie in with the light blue books above it.:-)

  2. We do this too! I'll have to take a picture and send it to you. Yours looks great. I spent way to much time trying to get it just right on our bookshelf when we moved in, but it's a fun project.

  3. It's amazing how the colors pop out like that…nice!

  4. So pretty! I love it!!-Julie

  5. This is cute Tara! I saw recently that one of my friends also organizes her DVDs by color. It looks cool.

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