Well there’s nothing too exciting going on but it seems like it’s time for a post.  Now I’m sure you’re all really looking forward to the rest of this post , ha ha!

We really enjoyed watching the Cardinals win the World Series last week.  I thought of my Grandpa Jack, who instilled a life-long love for the Cards in all his children and grandchildren, and how happy he would have been to see them win it all this year.

Right before game 7, I was overcome with Cardinal spirit and decided to paint our kitchen floor red by dropping a gallon of Crystal Light fruit punch all over it.  The cleanup was a bit of a process.  Fortunately I had my sweet and ever-helpful husband to help.

We’ve also been really enjoying the warm, crisp, sunny days around here.  Although it has started to get quite cold at night!  We even had a freeze warning one day last week!  Brrrr.  I’m not at all envious of all the cold and snowy weather other parts of the country are getting.

Here we are all bundled up for an evening walk last week.  Well, I am all bundled up.  Caleb put on long pants and a thin hoodie over a t-shirt.

Four weeks and four days until assignment night!

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3 thoughts on “Blurbs

  1. At least it was Crystal Light so it wasn't sticky! You look cute all bundled up!

  2. Looks like you're going to need a couple more towels to mop it up!

  3. Actually–and I hate to admit this–but we used paper towels! Caleb’s mom saves 2/3 empty industrial paper towel rolls from being thrown out at her work and collects them and has given many rolls to us so sometimes I use paper towels instead of sponges or towels now! Remember the conversation we had about paper towels once?

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