Good Company

The weekend before this last one, Caleb’s grandparents came down from Richmond to visit us!  We had a great time visiting with them and we believe they did, too.  They got to attend an assignment night(the class before Caleb’s–we’re next!), took an extensive tour of the base and the town, dined at the microscopic Thai restaurant here, and attended church with us.  
Earlier in the day they arrived, I took the fall flower voucher the base housing gives residents out to an appointed nursery and was able to get a little pencil tree, orange and white pansies, and a terracotta pot.  I painted the pot turquoise and planted it and put in a little mulch and thought it looked pretty good!  I now consider myself an advanced gardener for putting more than one kind of plant in one pot. 
Just for fun, I made a little towel cake out of guest towels and soap to welcome the grandparents.  I made a horrible attempt at making a little cake towel in my car of the Target parking lot for my cousin Kate’s bridal shower and even that was enough fun that I thought it should not be confined to bridal showers.  

And here we all are!

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2 thoughts on “Good Company

  1. Hey! I loved that (dish)towel cake! I believe it had cloth napkins as well, no? It was great. What a cute idea to use it for guests.

  2. Sounds like a fun time. Love your towel cake! It looks perfect. And we can only dream of flowers in pots right now! 🙂

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