Pick a Picture

Today we received the files and copyright to our top ten picks from our engagement photo shoot!

 In lieu of a traditional guestbook, we are doing the good ‘ole “stick picture in frame with oversized mat, have people sign mat, display in home” maneuver.

To encourage reader participation and test to see if people who were having trouble posting comments are still having trouble, leave a comment as to which one you think would be a good choice.  If you’re not sure which option to pick in the “comment as” drop-down menu, choose anonymous and leave your name or some esoteric reference that will remove any doubt in our minds as to your identity in your comment.  🙂











Happy commenting.

All photos by Traci Turchin of Real Photography.

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6 thoughts on “Pick a Picture

  1. I like quatre, cinq, and sept…but really all of them!

  2. Hi! This is Amanda. I like quatre, deux, and neuf. But I agree with Katie (who is sitting right next to me) — all are great. 🙂

  3. I like trois, quatre, and sept :)Love,JulieP.S. I agree with the two statements above as well!

  4. Trois it is — as it is the perfect number for a perfect couple:)en Christo,Dad/Paul +

  5. Great pictures (all of them!) I really like sept –Em

  6. Not fair to make us pick! It is too difficult. But if I must, deux.

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