Four Days of Driving, Ten States, 2,400 Miles, and 4,240 Pounds of Stuff!

A photo-journal of our trip west!
We began in Mississippi.  This is what our house/lawn looked like when someone from housing came to do the final walk-through.  She took one look and said, “Uh, are you guys ready for your walk through or do you need me to come back?”  We said, “Oh, no, we’re ready!  The house is all clean!”  You see, at one point we just looked around and said, we’re not going to have time to load everything and then clean the house.  So we just got everything out so we could clean in time for the walk through.  Ha ha.  

Last time we had the same size truck and it was about half this full!  My inner nerd wants to keep detailed charts of the sizes of trucks we’ll require over the years and how much all our stuff weighs, so I can make a line graph:  “Pounds of Stuff Over Years”.
State line number one:
In our many trips over the Tennessee line and back in the past year we’ve instigated the tradition of singing “Rocky Top”.  I even started getting the notes right after the first five times.  I had to include this video if only for the comical moment where Caleb realized he’s being video-taped. 

Next state: Arkansas.  This one totally threw me because I knew we were getting close to the state line and I was looking for a sign along the side of the road when Caleb spotted it on top of this bridge over the Mississippi River, I believe.

A couple hundred miles later:

Sadly this was the best shot I could get of Kansas.  Dark and rainy and being in a moving vehicle and all.  But it is forever recorded!

At the end of our first day of driving, we had a lovely stay at Aunt Susie’s Bed and Breakfast!

  I think I got some rain spots on my camera lens and didn’t realize it until I uploaded the pictures.    So, sorry for the rain spot on your face, Aunt Susie!

We first saw windmills in Kansas and I got kind of excited, even though I’ve seen them before.  Then we ended up seeing them in practically every other state after that. Still pretty sky, though.

A couple hundred miles later:

Let’s just pretend I was trying to be arty by putting the antenna in focus and blurring the sign.  Shooting from a moving vehicle is tricky.

About an hour out of Colorado Springs:

We stayed at the Reiner Suites for two nights.

Heading further west:

Caleb ordered some soupy enchilada thing from Taco Bell and they forgot to give him a fork. 

 Heading west of I-25 was uncharted territory for me.  Utah was more beautiful and mountainous than I expected.  Not terribly evident in this picture.

Our third stop-n-stay was in Salt Lake City with one of my Hillsdale friends, Mark.  Believe it or not, I’m wearing very high heels in this picture. 
We saw some beautiful scenery west of Salt Lake.  I think the salt makes the water more reflective? 
Miles and miles of salt flats.  Weird and new and exciting.
Nevada: the classy state.  Also the windy and dusty state.
I wanted to actually get out of the truck and take a picture with the California state line sign but there was no shoulder.  Ironically it was the coldest, rainiest, snowiest, and foggiest part of our trip.  Until we made it down into the valley.  Not “The Valley” valley, just the central valley, I believe it’s called.
Eleven days later, or sixteen days after we left Mississippi, after waiting around, thinking each tomorrow would be our closing date, we made it into our next home:
We’ve been very busy cleaning and painting and installing new carpet, making many repairs, singlehandedly stimulating California’s sad economy, etc.  We’ll show you some more “befores” when we have some “afters”. 
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2 thoughts on “Four Days of Driving, Ten States, 2,400 Miles, and 4,240 Pounds of Stuff!

  1. What a fun post! Love your singing. Very nice picture of you and your Dad and Mom. We look forward to the promised house pictures.Aunt Barb

  2. First, I love that you and Caleb do the "woo" part of the song…hehehe… :)Second, I LOVE the pictures. Thanks for being such a good blogger. It's inspiring!

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