Well it’s been a little while since you’ve heard from us on the blog front!  Caleb has been in Atlanta learning how to fly the C-12 and I’ve been keeping busy with projects around the house and yard and hanging out with our new group of friends, etc.  We have reached a good initial stopping point with the decoration of the house, so I do have pictures to share but to maintain chronological order, here are pictures of one of the Easter breads I made this year, before and after baking.

I think I might have actually overdone it a bit on the yeast this year, or  I need to remember to put the eggs more on top of the twists so they don’t get so swallowed up.  Also the bread sucks the dye off the eggs when they’re engulfed like that.  Still attractive and tasty, though.

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4 thoughts on “Easter

  1. That's the first time I've seen the Easter bread with sprinkles- it's so festive! Very nice job. Wish I had a piece right now.

  2. I like the sprinkles! My bread always takes the dye off the eggs too. Is it a sweet dough or have other spices in it?Aunt Barb

  3. Thank you! Yeah, we’ve always put sprinkles on ours. I was actually thinking of leaving them off this year so as not to detract from the eggs. It is a sweet dough; just flour, sugar, oil, egg, salt, yeast, and lemon zest. It would be so fun if we could be together on Easter some year and share and compare Easter egg breads!

  4. Anonymous

    That is such a beautiful bread! I love the sprinkles too. Jane

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