Our House aka May I live a Thousand Years and Never Paint Again

I hate to disappoint but I spent so much energy painting and shopping and arranging that I can not muster up much clever copy so I’ll just let the pictures do the talking, with just a few comments.  🙂 
Front of the house before:
Front of the house after I clipped the hedges: 
We’re thinking of painting sometime this year, something less drab.  We’ll probably do some more landscaping, too. 
Living/dining room before:
Living room after:
Living/dining room before: 
Living/dining room after:
Kitchen before:
Family room before (poor photography, sorry!):
Family room after:
We didn’t quite get the color right here so we may repaint later.  Also, we’re hoping to replace  the futon sometime this year. 
Guest bathroom before:
And after:
At one point the bathroom was actually the same orange as the kitchen but it turned out to be a bit much for this little room.
Office before:
Office after:
Guest room–looked the same as the office before:
We’re planning on putting some nightstands and a little dresser in here sometime this year, if we get a bedroom set for the master.
Master bedroom before:
And after:
Master bathroom before–carpeted, boo:
Caleb seeding the crater in the back yard:
You can sort of see the grass starting to come up!  Also, there were several completely out of control trees and hedges that I took down a notch.
So there you have it. 
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3 thoughts on “Our House aka May I live a Thousand Years and Never Paint Again

  1. Wow! You are a ball of fire. (TR's comment.) I can't believe how much you have gotten done!! You are definitely not sitting watching TV and eating bonbons. It is very lovely. TR & Barb

  2. Ha ha well thank you! I have had a lot of help from Caleb. And the contractors who installed the carpet and tile. And…sometimes I do watch TV. But I do not eat bonbons. 😉

  3. You have been working so hard! Great job. I really like your pretty bedspread : ) The yellow and gray colors for your bedroom are very nice.

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