Cardboard Logs and Turkey Dogs

Well this past weekend was a first for us: our first camping trip together!  Also the first time we’ve been climbing in over two years!  Hard to believe.

One of the more interesting aspects for me was the making of cardboard logs.  Have you heard of this?  I’d never heard of it.  But we started with these boxes from furniture and some wedding gifts:

And watched The Two Towers and cut them into long strips and then rolled and tied with string until we had this:

Actually, these are the results of rolling about half the boxes, but you get the point.  Basically it was a good way to compact and discard of our excess cardboard while simultaneously providing fuel for our campfire.  Naturally they do not burn as well as regular logs and we had to supplement our supply with sticks and small logs from the forest, but they do pretty well, all things considered.

Here is our home away from home:

This was a free campsite called Luther Campground near Luther Spires, the rock formations we were climbing, just ten miles south of Lake Tahoe.

I decided to buy and try turkey dogs because they were actually cheaper than regular hot dogs, so we cooked those over our campfire and I was just mindlessly eating mine and I asked Caleb what he thought of the turkey dogs and he said he thought they tasted a little weird and then I kind of noticed that they do taste a little weird.  Know what tastes better than regular or turkey dogs?  Toasted marshmallows.  Yum.

Here is Caleb rinsing off dishes in the creek:

Here are a couple shots of us climbing:
First one is me, second one is Caleb. 
We decided to cap off our little trip by driving the highway up the west shore of Lake Tahoe, new territory for both of us, and it was really beautiful.  
I set up a beautiful shot on a beach on the south side of the lake and asked a man to take our picture and then his kid ran into the frame:
So here’s the best I could do with iphoto’s primitive “blemish” tool:
Heh heh.  
And, a parting shot: overlooking Emerald Bay on the south end of the lake.  

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