San Francisco Slideshow

Some shots from our first trip to San Francisco:

Gate to Chinatown

Lunch in Chinatown

Alcatraz in the background:

Cityline from Pier 39

One of two remaining WWII Liberty Boats, the SS Jeremiah O’Brien.  The MC-12 Liberty is named after the Liberty Boats.

Rosie the Riveter–apparently this submarine, the Pampanito, was built by Rosie & Co.

Famous San Francisco cable cars–not the most efficient but it was a lot of fun.

Gorgeous view from Broadway & Fillmore or so.

A cool structure we discovered while wandering over to the bridge–on the grounds of an Exploratorium.

Note: go see the bridge earlier in the day, or it won’t look red-orange.

View of the city from the bridge. San Francisco: the other white city. 😉

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6 thoughts on “San Francisco Slideshow

  1. Are those sea lions on the dock? Crazy! You’re so cute in the Rosie poster. I love the jumping pictures on the bridge- looks like so much fun! Why is that about the bridge color?

    • Well, they have a number of floating docks in the water off the pier and the sea lions sun themselves there, so it’s a free way to get an up close at them! The color of the bridge just doesn’t show up well from the city once the sun is above or behind it. I suppose if we’d gone a couple hours later, we could’ve gotten some beautiful backlit silhouette shots, but when we went it was just sort of a hazy misty outline, until we got closer. Also, apparently it’s painted every year, and we were trying to guess when they paint it and how close it is to its next paint job.

      • I remember somebody telling me when I was little (and I don’t know if there is any truth in this or not) that as soon as they finish painting it they have to start all over again. I must have thought that was really interesting to have remembered it all these years!

        • I did a little research(if you can call reading a Wikipedia article research) and yes, apparently the painting is just one continuous, ongoing project!

  2. What a fun time. I like the picture of you eating in Chinatown – looks like a very narrow space!

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