Capital City Air Show

Yesterday we exercised one of our great military benefits: getting into the Capital City Air Show for free!  I had seen the Thunderbirds perform twice before at the Academy and I’ve seen a lot of Air Force planes at those career days I talked about, so this was similar, but they also had a lot of really cool WWII planes and aerial biplanes and stuff.  So, I now feel like a full-fledged airplane nerd, having attended and loved my first real air show.  Also, the Thunderbirds gave a longer performance with some different maneuvers than we’d seen.  They are truly awe-inspiring.  I always scream at least three times during a show.  Never, ever, ever, pass up an opportunity to go see them.  And the Blue Angels are rumored to be okay, too, I guess.

I only got a couple pictures and a video with my measly little point and shoot.  I think even a more advanced photographer would agree to the difficulty of capturing objects that move so quickly and so far away from where you can safely stand.  Also they put up all these fences and ropes and stuff to prevent you from perfectly framing your shot.  Therefore I don’t really even try, but here are a couple attempts.



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3 thoughts on “Capital City Air Show

  1. Wow, I can see why that is a challenge to photograph and video! The video was really cool to see, nevertheless.

    • Yes, I’d love to see what you could do with your camera and skills! Part of my issue was that I don’t have a viewfinder, only a view-screen and there was a glare on the screen so I couldn’t really even see what I was doing!

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. We’ve never been to an air show.

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