Ballet Videos

Hi All,

Sorry it’s been awhile since you’ve gotten any blog updates. Um, nothing to report!

Some of you and I have chatted about the ballet classes I’ve been taking and I thought I would try to take some videos of my self doing a few combinations at home. I can think of at least five people who might enjoy seeing some amateur ballet. 🙂

I’ll try to post a few a day. The first one is a plie combination, usually the first or second combination we do in the beginning of each class. We do it once on each side, or more if we’re performing poorly. 🙂

Fun fact:  the little crack you hear at ~ :48 is my hip, ha.

If my teacher were going to give the class this combination, she’d say: from 1st, 2 demis, 1 grande, stretch forward and cambre back.  In 2nd stretch in and away from the barre, circular port de bras in 4th, reverse in 5th.  Reverse the arm in the grand plie in 2nd and 5th, then rise and balance in sus-sous.

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8 thoughts on “Ballet Videos

  1. Katie B

    Was I one of the five? I did enjoy it and I love your leotard!

    • Well sort of; I figured you might enjoy it but I also know you’re probably the reader that will recognize the most mistakes I make! I’ve done about ten other short videos with slightly more complex combinations and it is scary to have to see first-hand all the horrible glaring mistakes that I’ve been hearing my teachers correct!

      • Katie B

        That’s the other thing I was going to say…you’re brave to tape yourself. Ballet videos of myself were always a combination of fascinating and horrifying. But probably a very good exercise to put oneself through…

  2. I know I’m one of the five! And you could count Ron too, really. He’s been enjoying these videos. : )

  3. I’m sure Vesper is one!

  4. Anonymous

    Just discovered these collections of ballet posts, love them!

  5. Tara, I’m so sorry I’m ridiculously late commenting on these videos! It’s so awesome that you recorded all this and shared it with us. The first time we were trying to watch them, they were taking a long time to load and Vesper was quite impatient. 🙂 She said the part in the plie video where you bend backwards looked like Swan Lake. 🙂 Count us in among the five!

    • I’m glad you guys like them! I consider being compared to a Swan Lake dancer the highest form of compliment, ha ha! White Swan(Odette) does quite a number of cambres(arch) back, so that was a very perceptive remark! I told you guys that our studio’s recital this year is Swan Lake and I’ll be in the swan corps, right? We’ve done some variations from the ballet in class; it’s very fun and exciting!

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