Grande Battement & Fondu/Ronde de Jambe

Last of the barre exercises in my little abbreviated class:

Grande Battement

Fondu/Ronde de Jambe

I should note that these types of combinations are more or less done in every class, at every level. Obviously the difficulty increases with the level of skill but six-year-olds and professional dancers are doing plie, tendu, degage, etc. exercises every class. The complexity of the combination increases, as does the attention to detail in performance, i.e. pointing the feet, turnout, height of the working leg(the one going in the air), etc. Also, beginner levels have the teacher teach and show the combination, then the teacher performs and verbalizes the combination as the students perform. Then the teacher might only say and count the combination with the students, then they have to remember it by themselves, and then the teacher will often just say the combination instead of demonstrating.

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One thought on “Grande Battement & Fondu/Ronde de Jambe

  1. I am loving this series of videos, Tara! And your descriptions are very educational.

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