Center/Across the Floor Work

These are the last of the ballet videos. After barre work, we get some time to stretch out and take a little break and then we do exercises in the center or moving across the floor. These are not the best representation of a typical class but I’m limited in my choreography ability and floor space.

One thing we almost always do is “16 changements to warm up the feet” for jumping.

Each class we’ll do some sort of petite allegro: quick little jumps. I was fairly horrified by my form after watching this video. Lots of little things, but mainly not enough turnout, not pointing my feet, not attaching my foot to the back of my ankle in coupe, and not crossing my legs in the beats (entrechat quatres in this case) at the end of each side. Yikes. You may notice how each floor combination move first to the right then the left, much as we do everything on the right then the left at the barre.

Most every class now I’m asked to do double or sometimes even triple pirouettes but I decided to stick with singles since I was working with linoleum flooring, and I didn’t need video footage of me falling out of a turn. 🙂

A grande allegro like this is often one of the last exercises we do in class and is generally a favorite among dancers. Note how I kick the wall on the first one(not enough space) and get thrown off from the music, oops! Normally the steps leading up to the big leap are much bigger as well.

Well I hope that was fun for you guys and you got a little picture of the layout of a typical ballet class and how I spend seven hours every week. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Center/Across the Floor Work

  1. CO Mom

    Thanks for sharing, Sweetie! You make it look so easy!

  2. I agree with CO Mom! I remember Ann saying about learning the violin – “There’s so much I have to remember to do at the same time.” Seems like ballet falls into that category. I enjoyed your informative descriptions. Often its helpful to watch yourself – you notice things you otherwise might not have realized.

    • Yes, Ann’s comment is very well said about ballet! Mainly trying to focus on the turnout and always pointing the feet while performing all the moves. Watching these videos was quite an eye-opener. I’m glad you liked them!

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