Every year that I can remember, I’ve made or helped my mom make our traditional Easter Egg bread.  It is a sweet bread with lemon zest and braided or twisted with tinted eggs into a ring.  Traditionally we make two rings:  one is devoured for Easter breakfast and the other is given away to someone who we think could use a little extra support or treat.

And here’s how it’s made:

On Easter Sunday we went to church and had some Air Force friends over for dinner and an egg hunt.  Here are the hunters:


And here’s a little footage from the hunt:


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7 thoughts on “Easter

  1. Wow, three new posts in one day! You’ve been busy.
    I always make my Easter bread with 3 ropes and a traditional style braid, but yours actually looks lots easier to do and just as pretty when done. In fact, you can actually see the “braiding” better after it is baked with only 2. And I push my eggs down in after it is braided, but your looks easier in that regard too, because you can just wrap the ropes around the eggs. Also, you bake it right on a plate. I never thought to do that (although my recipe is large and would never fit on a plate. I braid it in a straight line, not a circle, and it fills a large cookie sheet. If I divided it in two I could give one away!) Hmmmmmm – something new for me to try next time!

    • Well, your bread looks amazing, too! So many different ways to go about it! My mom usually does a three-strand bread in a ring without the eggs, cause she doesn’t like to go to the trouble of dyeing eggs, and we’ve also done three strand in a line instead of a ring. I will say that twisting two strands around eggs makes it much easier to make the beginning/end of the ring seamless. I try to not put the eggs very far down in the twists but the bread inevitably engulfs the eggs and you can barely see them after rising and baking! I normally bake it on a cookie sheet or pizza sheet but this year I had a new Fiestaware platter that I wanted to try out. So nice to go from prep to oven to serving!

  2. CO Mom

    It warms my heart to see you making that bread—you’re the expert now!

    • Aw, thanks, Mom! You were a great teacher. It’s fun to play around with all the variations on making the bread.

  3. Wow, you are a total pro at making that bread! I was really mesmerized during the braiding part. It was cool how you knew exactly how the dough and last egg would fit at the end! Also, looks like you’ve inherited your father’s talent for hiding eggs!

    • Well, I think doubling the video speed makes me look more confident! This was my first attempt ever at hiding eggs and I think I have quite a ways to go before I create the level of difficulty encountered in my parents’ house! They got a little stumped towards the end but remember we’d be finding eggs days after Easter at my parents’ house!

  4. Anonymous

    This post reminded me that I am so glad I got to spend an Easter with you in Colorado, looking for eggs and being a lucky recipient of the lovely bread that year. 🙂 -Jane

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