Six days after Easter Sunday this year was Caleb’s birthday: the big 2-5.  We had a few people over for BBQ and chocolate-cherry cake: one of the simplest recipes that gets the best reactions:  pour chocolate cake batter into pan, pour cherry pie filling into pan, bake for longer than usual.

Here I am: Haaaaaaapppy birthday….


The little group that gathered to celebrate:


I thought this picture was funny:


Caleb with some presents and cards on bday morning:


The next day, Caleb ran a 5K with a group from our church.  Start:


Finish!  Caleb finished 2nd in his age group and 14th overall out of 600+.  😀


Two days later, we attended a farewell dinner for a colonel that Caleb organized.  I helped with decorations and had fun flexing my creative muscles.  The colonel and his wife were Alabama alumni so the theme was Alabama/college football.  Creating football-themed tables without it looking like a seven-year-old’s birthday party was a bit of a challenge but here’s what I came up with:


Each table’s flag had a different Alabama keyword.

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3 thoughts on “Bday/Run

  1. CO Mom

    You are an awesome event planner. Well done!

  2. Did you hear me laughing at Caleb when I Skyped with you all on his birthday? It was for all the events he ends up planning. I think they secretly want you to do it…good job!

    Congratulations on the race, Caleb!

  3. Anonymous

    Looks like a fun b-day! And, good job to Caleb in the race! AND, you did such a great job with the farewell party—the houndstooth is cool. 🙂 -Jane

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