Cake Auction

Yesterday we participated in a cake auction and youth benefit dinner at church, to the extent of baking a cake for auction. We were supposed to present the cake with a funny 2-3 min skit or video so here’s what we came up with(in about the four hours we had to bake, frost, shoot, and edit):

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9 thoughts on “Cake Auction

  1. CO Mom

    This is hilarious. You both did a good job. For a split-second, I almost believed Caleb iced that himself. If that arm had had a wristwatch on… Good job and good-looking cake!

  2. What a hoot! Good job! ;-{>8

  3. I was laughing so hard the whole time!!! The short list:

    “He has made *pretty* cakes”…and actually every time you said the word “pretty”.

    Caleb measuring the water.

    And Caleb’s crying scene. Impressive acting. 😀

    Well done, you guys!

  4. Gave me a great laugh for my day!! Especially the very end. 🙂 You guys are so creative. And actually, the inside of the cake was really cool. So I hope your cake brings in LOTS of money for the youth.

  5. You goofballs! Thanks for posting. Very creative and funny project. I was impressed with the marbled cake and surprised at how easy it looked to achieve the effect!

  6. Thanks, guys! Here’s where I got the idea (through Pinterest) if you’re interested:

  7. Aunt Susie

    Oh, yes, Caleb measuring the water; the complementing zebra jacket; Caleb’s expressions when “Julia” told him his cake won the prize. (^.^). That creative, edgy piece of work looked good enough to eat!

  8. Yes, Caleb turned out to be quite the actor! Originally we were going to do it with me as the baker and him as the boss but he didn’t want to put on an accent and then I realized it would be funnier with the roles reversed. Our cake was auctioned for $62, a little above the average selling price, but we did not get to eat any of it. 😦

  9. Anonymous

    Haha, this is super funny! You guys did a great job—so creative! And that cake looks delicious. 🙂 -Jane

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