More on the U2

In other news, the U2 continues to be the weirdest plane in the Air Force. Last week when my dad was visiting, we got a closer look at the Dragonlady.

Apparently they have this issue if they land with a lot of fuel (“heavy”) it can affect the way the wings balance on the ground, so after the plane comes to a stop, maintenance has to run out and prop this little wheels on sticks–I believe they’re called pogos–under the wings so it can finish taxiing without dragging the wings along the runway.

So here they are trying to pull one wing down so they can insert the opposite pogo…


“Too far, guys!”


“Go over and help him”


“Help, more help!”


Four little monkeys…


My dad and Caleb with our chase car driver and the pilot

The first video gives you a better idea of how the car gets moving. The second video gives you a closer look at the plane. 🙂

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One thought on “More on the U2

  1. Most impressive. We are amazed that Mark got to be there – he must have made it through security clearance! 🙂

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