Capital City

Boy, the past three weeks have flown by!  I thought I had just posted when I realized I had more pictures from my dad’s visit on my phone.

One of the days my dad was visiting, we went down into Sacramento.  Here are the guys in front of the Capitol:  (bad lighting, sorry!)


We’ve been down around the Capitol many time but it never occurred to us that we could go in and wander around, unguided, but we did, and we found some cool stuff, to include the inside of the dome:

IMG_0081Sacramento has an area commonly referred to as Old Sac City, I believe, with wooden sidewalks and cobblestone streets and gold rush era memorabilia.  Here we found a gold thief (or something):

IMG_0082Then we we wandered along the river where we were shocked to see one of our large barking friends from Pier 39 in San Francisco, all by his lonesome:

IMG_0083And I was delighted, of course, by some little tiny baby duckies:

IMG_0084Then we got to witness the architectural wonder of this bridge, I can’t remember what to call this type of bridge, but the center of it goes up up up into the air by cables and pulleys to let river boats through. Caleb was saying how he thought it’d be really cool to see it in action and we had decided that walking to the other side and back would get us back to the car before the meter ran out.  When we were about halfway across the bridge all these loud bells started ringing and we had to hurry to the other side and then stand and wait (probably about ten minutes) for the bridge to go up, the ship to go under, and the bridge to go back down.  We did make it back to the car before the meter ran out.  🙂  Even though we were standing right there the whole time, the spectacle was so close it was difficult to capture.  Here is the bridge almost level:

IMG_0085And about at the top:

IMG_0086And going back down:

IMG_0087It was so weird, and interesting.

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2 thoughts on “Capital City

  1. The inside of the capitol dome is gorgeous! The thief looks too nice to be a thief. 🙂
    The ducks are cute and the seal is lazy (?). And the bridge is cool. I’ve seen ones where they hinge up, but not pulled up like that. Neat that you got to see it.

  2. I was going to say, too, that your picture of the dome is great! So beautiful!

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