Garden Report

One nice thing about living in California is that weather that most of the country would call summer begins in early March here.  Last year we missed the bus but this year we got our garden going nice and early, so we’re starting to harvest some produce already!  Since a number of our readers are past or present avid gardeners, thought I’d share a few samples from the garden.

This rosemary plant is actually from last year.  It’s not with the pampered plants in the raised bed, we never water it, and we just don’t use very much but it just grows and grows.


The raised-bed herbs: three basil plants (the first year two was not enough, last year four was too many: three seems to be just right), sage, cilantro, and parsley.


Little green pepper


First cherry tomatoes to color


Green beans–my favorite!

DSC01381Massive summer squash plants taking over the garden


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5 thoughts on “Garden Report

  1. Looks like you have a green thumb! I really miss a garden. We haven’t had one since we moved out here. We keep thinking we won’t be living here the following year, so haven’t put the effort into it. I have to agree with you – green beans are a favorite of mine (after tomatoes that is!) But carrots are great too. I never tried herbs, but some day I hope to. 🙂 Gabe got a basil plant (in a pot) as a gift one time and it was nice to be able to pick the leaves off and use them right then! That’s when I was there right before Leo was born. Gabe was gone at a conference and Jane was still working. Vesper and I were given the job of making sure that basil plant was watered!

    • We have similar hesitations sometimes about how much effort we want to put into the house and yard since we won’t be here long. I forgot to mention in the post that I love garden carrots, too, so we planted a row of carrot seeds, and onion seeds as well, and all we got was one little carrot top! That’s three years in a row of fruitless seeding, so if you do try herbs some day I recommend starting with a plant! If you have a window that gets a lot of sun you can easily grow basil inside and take it with you when you go. 🙂

      • I’ve always done everything from seeds – except tomatoes and green peppers (which never produced for me even starting from a plant). I wonder if your soil isn’t right for carrots or something? But thanks for the tip on the herbs.

  2. Mmm, yummy! I’d love to come over for a salad! 🙂 All your food looks amazing. I love fresh basil.

  3. Paul Becker

    We had our first pesto/pasta of the season last night:) Cheers!

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