Another SF Trip

Every time I go to San Francisco I fall in love a little more and discover something new, and last week was no exception.  We took a little day trip as a pre-deployment mini getaway.

Our first stop was the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate State Park



IMG_0134Walking around the Golden Gate State Park–which is 20% larger than Central Park, to give you some perspective–we discovered a huge beautiful rose garden!  I was particularly tickled to learn that there is a variety of rose named after a famous ballerina!


IMG_0139We also found one of the two windmills in the park.  Normally there is a tulip garden surrounding the windmills, but they are out of season.  We saw some lovely other flowers.

IMG_0141Twenty yards from that windmill is the beach access to the Pacific Ocean so we stood and shivered and looked at that for a while.  Then we bought a surprisingly healthy concession stand lunch and took it out on Stow Lake in a rowboat.  🙂  Many references to The Little Mermaid were made.

The original purpose of the trip was to check out the San Francisco Zoo!  We had pretty high expectations since San Francisco is such a larger city than any other cities in which we’ve visited the zoo, but we did not think it was any better than the Denver Zoo.  However, they did have a few babies (zooborns!) so that’s mostly what I like to look at anyway.  Apparently a gorilla was born there a couple weeks ago, but she was still too little to be out for public viewing.  😦



IMG_0148Baby tiger, Jillian!

IMG_0146And a video of baby giraffe, Erin, and her mommy. Kind of hard to see, sorry.

There was also a baby warthog.  I did not take a picture.

After the zoo we had dinner at this amazing authentic tiny little Italian restaurant near Golden Gate State Park.  Oh my goodness.  There are no words.

Oh, and at 6:30 that morning, we had more OpLove pictures taken!  So hopefully I’ll have some of those soon that you all can see.  🙂

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One thought on “Another SF Trip

  1. I’m sure it was a bittersweet time. We will keep you in our prayers. The baby giraffe is so cute! I have a Beanie Baby giraffe and the miniature one (that McDonald’s gave out) to go with it. 🙂

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