I Sew Now!

I was going to say “I’m a sewer now”* but that could go two ways…

Anyway, I recently completed my first project with the sewing machine I got for my birthday!  I’ve been wanting to replace the duvet cover in the master bedroom for a while and I found this great tutorial that suggested making a reversible one and made it sound so easy!

In theory, it is easy; it’s just a giant pillowcase and a bunch of straight seam.  In reality, I was wrangling 13 yards of 54” wide fabric and sewing straight seams is one thing: washing, ironing, measuring, cutting, and pinning 39 feet of 54” wide fabric is entirely another!

Here’s what the fabric looked like at the beginning: (it doesn’t look like that much piled up on the floor but trust me, it was!)

DSC01481I decided to sew the shams for my warm-up:

DSC01482 DSC01484Voila!  You can see something in the first photo that continued to be a problem as the project went on, although it did get better:  I would measure and measure and used a cutting mat, rotary cutter, and clear ruler, but when I went to pin and sew, the edges just wouldn’t match up!  Any veteran sewers(there must be a more clear word) have any advice?

I think this is when I had stitched together the three panels of the striped side.  All that measuring and cutting and pinning and sewing took a great deal of time and effort.

DSC01485So I decided to procrastinate on doing the same to the flowered side and made the corner ties for the inside instead:

DSC01487Before I stitched the striped and flowered sides together, I made the buttonholes and attached the buttons!  That was kind of fun.  Although I accidentally ended up with 13 buttonholes and 12 buttons.  Oops.  “Who’s to know, who’s to know?”

DSC01490All done!  I worked on this for about 14 hours on Labor Day (fitting)–the perfect rainy day project– and then a few hours a day the rest of the week.  Tackling such a big(in size if not complexity) project feels great and I feel like I can do anything now!  I don’t know what that will be though.

DSC01492*I just let the machine do the work, that was my secret.

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3 thoughts on “I Sew Now!

  1. You did a great job! Large amounts of fabric are a beast – I made quite a few blinds for our house in Scobey that were huge and also very thick. Stripes (or plaids, etc.) can be a problem too – especially if the fabric isn’t printed quite straight on the grain and you are trying to match them. And tackling button holes on the first project – I’m impressed! I like the fabric you picked.

  2. CO Mom

    ¡Bravo! I can’t wait to see your next project. xxoo

  3. Emily

    Love the color scheme. nice work!

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