Some of you may have heard that one of Caleb’s Academy classmates and squadronmates(if that’s a word) passed away on Friday.  He had been battling cancer for about six months.  Adrenal something or another: it started with a tumor on his adrenal gland and then spread to his kidneys, lungs, and liver like wildfire.

One of our good friends here was really good friends with this guy and he was posting a bunch of pictures from their fun times together on Facebook, some of which included Caleb since they were all in the same squadron.  This one really grabbed my attention; something about it made me think it could have come right out of the 1950s.  A bunch of young military guys gathered around smoking cigars(I believe this is some sort of Academy Christmas party tradition).  I loved it because it reminded me that being a part of the military is being a part of a long tradition and a rich heritage and in a lot of ways, these young guys with their short hair and clean-shaven faces don’t change much through the decades, although our culture and technology and all that certainly do.  But they step up to serve their country and they are more likely to have friends who don’t make it to their thirties than our non-military contemporaries, although many military and non-military alike perish outside of combat, like our friend here.

Anyway, you look at the picture and tell me if it doesn’t reek of nostalgia to you.  Our late friend is second from the right, and our favorite pilot is on the far left.  🙂


Oh, and I did alter the color levels a bit and photoshop out a cell phone to enhance the effect a little bit.


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2 thoughts on “Timeless

  1. Very sad and we pray for his family. And yes, a cool photo. We thought maybe WWII.

  2. Paul Becker

    Very retro and cool!

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