Shameless Product Promotion

So I just wanted to take a little post and share these little books that popped up on my Pinterest feed one day.

Cozy Classics are classic novels boiled down to twelve words(you would think that wouldn’t be enough but it works!) and twelve adorable photographs of needle-felt figures.  They have done Dickens, Bronte, Tolstoy, Hugo, Melville, several Austen novels, and soon, Twain!  Somehow they manage to tell the basic story of even Les Miserables and War and Peace while skirting some of the themes not suitable for children.  I have purchased a few as gifts(available through Amazon and B&N) and examined a few in Barnes & Noble and I just think they are so cool! I can’t decide which I love more, the concept of baby literature overall, or the amazing needle-felt photography.

If you click here you can read an insightful interview with the creators and see some cool behind-the-scenes shots.  I found it on their website,, where I keep going to see which books they’re going to do next!

cozyclassicsI think this is the last page from Pride and Prejudice.  Sorry for the spoiler if you haven’t read it. 😉


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3 thoughts on “Shameless Product Promotion

  1. Kate was showing/telling us about these on Skype. I think they are cool. I agree with you on the baby literature vs. felt figures question!

  2. Emily

    Thanks for sharing these Tara! I am always looking for creative gifts for the many baby showers I have been attending these days, and I love to give books 🙂 These are really delightful.

  3. Ron loves Moby Dick!

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