San Diego Part 1: Sea World

On the first day, we went to Sea World!  Caleb has been to Sea World in San Antonio but I had never been and it was probably my favorite part of the trip.  Here are some highlights:

We took this picture not because we’ve never seen flamingos but because we’d never seen flamingos extend their wings like this!  This flock was quite active while we were watching, scurrying from one side to the other and fighting each other and opening their wings and eating.

DSC_0174 We took a little Sky Ride in these little cars so that was fun and some nice views.  Caleb was our main photographer the whole time we were down there.


Probably our favorite show: Shamu!  DSC_0155 DSC_0154 DSC_0141

We had this little game we played while we were in these parks where we sat in the last row of the “Soak Zone” for each show(sea lions, dolphins, whales), confident that would be the best view and dubious we would get soaked.  At the beginning of each show they tell the people sitting in the clearly labeled soak zones that they are going to get wet and people smile up at them and then when they start getting splashed they get up and run away in shock!  Anyway, Shamu was the only show where he actually did get us!  Best splashers in the park.

Caleb rode the sting ray roller coaster.  He is in the third row on the left side.  One of the nice things about visiting Sea World on a Thursday in February is that we literally did not wait in a single line all day.  Not for tickets, not for the bathroom, not for food, not for rides.  It was great.  Although a little chilly at times, we decided it is far better to forgo the lines and wear a jacket than go with the crowds in the summer.

Petting the bat rays.

DSC_0133 DSC_0130

The curtain call at the dolphin show, which also included short-finned pilot whales.  This show was a little weird for us because they tried to incorporate this story element with people in bird costumes and divers and a lot of feel-good nature stuff.  The trainers in the show did some amazing sort of dolphin water-skiing and riding them and being pushed through the water by their noses and such.  Also things like this:DSC_0128

I think my favorite was the sea lion and otter show.  They incorporated a ton of humor and really showed what they animals could do.  The little otter was a bit hard to capture but he was so cute: he could carry things around the stage and wave hello and goodbye.  They did a number of TV show spoofs with the sea lions, including “Dancing With the Pinnipeds”, where they sort of danced with them and “Survivor”, where they had to complete difficult tasks.
DSC_0121 DSC_0120 DSC_0119 DSC_0114


We were also excited to see Emperor penguins for the first time.  They were regal.  We probably sat and watched them for 15 minutes and most of them were preening the whole time. DSC_0100 DSC_0099

They also had Puffins.  Not sure what’s up with the polka music in the background, I didn’t notice that at the time.

Polar Bear Den.  Unfortunately the Sea World polar bears are currently in Pittsburgh for breeding, but we saw some the next day anyway.  🙂 DSC_0088

Beluga Whale!

This was a playful little fellow, this happened several times:

We weren’t sure why this giant rabbit was at SeaWorld but it was fun to pet it.  Very soft.


At the beginning of the day as we were waiting for the park to open, the trainers were walking a couple otters around on leashes so that tickled me. DSC_0070 DSC_0066

At one point we were unfortunately trapped on a moving sidewalk in a small glass tube amongst sixty second graders as we admired some sharks.

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5 thoughts on “San Diego Part 1: Sea World

  1. CO Mom

    Wow! I feel like I’ve been there. Thanks for sharing so many photos. Looks like you are getting real familiar with your camera. Good work! You look radiant, Sweetie!

    • Well, all of these photos were taken on “Auto” or “Auto no flash”, but we did have our first “basics” photography class this week and learned a lot! I’m taking a two part class on exposure this coming week, and then one on lighting in March. It is really neat to learn what the thing can do!

  2. Brings back memories of our trip there with the girls’ school. It amazed us, being from ND, that kids got to go to places like that for a field trip!

    • I was thinking about how you told me about the field trip when were there, and wondering how much it would’ve cost, cause even at the kid rate, admission is not cheap! I think we mostly went to free places like ranches when I was a kid. And I remember going to a Pepsi facility of some kind once, ha. Not sure if it was manufacturing or distribution or what.

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