The Tara Show


Sorry you have not heard much out of us lately.  When Caleb is gone I feel at a loss for what to post on the blog, because we’re not going on trips or having visitors and he really doesn’t have much to say because he gets in this rhythm of working and working out and maybe some reading and working on his classes.  So living alone means I’m limited to writing about my many fascinating talents and pastimes and it begins to feel like “The Tara Show” and feels a bit awkward.  (You’re may be thinking that a lot of this site is already about stuff I do even when Caleb is here but just trust me, somehow it feels more awkward when I don’t really have a choice)

But, you’re here looking at the blog knowing that I can’t really say anything about the adventures of “Caleb and Tara” so I will continue airing “The Tara Show.”  Without further ado…

We invested in a DSLR camera last year and desired to become diligent students and take nice pictures not on “auto”.  So, we found this fantastic company called Photography My Way  that allows photography newbies to learn quite a lot about using a DSLR camera in evening classes that you can take at your own pace.  We took the basic class together in January, and then I took a two part(four hour) Exposure class in February and then another one on lighting in March.  They also offer regular classes on composition and editing and other random workshops on portraits or studio lighting or whatnot, so we’ll see if I get around to any of those.

Anyway, I have loved, loved, loved these classes!  In just nine short hours I feel I have learned so much and I am ready to practice, practice, practice!  Incidentally, our camera is visiting the Nikon hospital in LA right now because I was playing around with it and switched focus to manual and when I switched it back to AF it wouldn’t register that setting at all and I called them and they had me try a number of things that didn’t work and then told me to send it in.  In the mean time, I’ll share a couple portraits I took as part of my homework for the lighting class.  I thought they turned out pretty nice for a first try, although upon instructor review, I realized that I was never focusing on the quite right spot and my white balance setting was such that the pictures are too warm.

These were both taken in open shade in our back yard, one with the subject facing the light and the other a bit side lit “to add character” to the lighting.  Ooh.



I was very lucky to have my friend Ashley as the easiest subject ever: thin, pretty, and cooperative.  🙂

I’ve been having fun making a few little clothing alterations on my sewing machine; adding a button here, shortening the straps there.  It’s an empowering feeling.  I’ve also been working on a few little sewing projects as gifts so I’ll have to share those once the occasions have passed.  🙂

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One thought on “The Tara Show

  1. It’s OK – we like hearing about what Tara is up too! And soon enough you will have lots to write about and take pictures of! 🙂

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