Things That Bring Me Cheer

It’s the little things…

I was hesitant to plant a garden for this summer with Caleb being gone and probably selling the house in the fall and everything, but my love of my two dozen tomato basil recipes won out and I planted cherry tomatoes(sweet 100, same as last year), roma tomatoes(best for baking/roasting in my opinion), two basil plants(hopefully we will keep up with that quantity better than three last year and four the year before!) and cilantro(mostly because we’ve had two cilantro fails and I just want to beat it!).  Filled up the old raised bed and planted maybe a month ago?  Six weeks?  Either way, later than last year when we planted the first weekend of March, I believe!


Little early for the tomatoes yet, so those are store bought, but I got this basil from the garden last week and made a bow tie pasta tomato basil “salad”.  Ahhh!  Is there any better-looking sight on a cutting board?  I wish you could smell it.


And last but not least, I have high hopes for our raspberry plants this year, which have not been prolific the past two years but they are looking nice and full and strong so far this year and behold: the first red raspberry!  The second one is close behind in proximity and maturity.  Yay! I could honestly never eat too many raspberries.  Or blueberries.  You may remember we put that claim to the test with blueberries in Mississippi.


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4 thoughts on “Things That Bring Me Cheer

  1. Beautiful pictures! Love the raspberry.

  2. Yum! This looks so delicious! We planted our first small garden in a few raised beds this year. And I REALLY want to plant some raspberry bushes in our yard—maybe next year. Berries are so scrumptious!

  3. Maybe you could send a few of those basil/tomato recipes my way? I’m not sure there’s a better combination on earth than basil and tomatoes.

    • So most of the recipes aren’t really even recipes, except the Tuscan Bean Pizza one I got from you. Basically I take varying amounts of tomato, basil, olive oil, occasionally garlic, salt, pepper, and mozzarella or parmesan and combine with a grain. Some ideas: TB pizza, TB with angel hair, TB bow tie pasta salad, TB spaghetti squash, TB & parmesan rice(that is one of my favorites and a delicious snack or side dish), pesto spaghetti with tomato, TB bisque(I have yet to find a recipe I really really like for that one), Caprese sandwiches(T,B, chicken, cheese on bread or roll),…that’s…that’s about it. (I just reminded myself of the scene of Bubba sharing everything you can do with shrimp in Forrest Gump) Also, if you’ve never made lemonade infused with strawberries and basil, oh my goodness, you must try that.

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