Katie & Julie Visit!

I was very fortunate to have two of my sisters-in-law, Katie and Julie, come and visit me this past week!  Their visit was a lot of fun on its own, but it was especially nice in the middle of our longest deployment(so far) and because it was the first trip to California for both of them, and really something of a pilgrimage to the homeland, since Caleb’s grandmother was born and raised in Sacramento.  🙂

In addition to going on lots of walks and hanging by the pool, and the baby shower, our big trips were up to Beale on Friday, into Sac after church on Sunday, San Francisco on Monday(where I got exactly one good picture–we carried the camera around all day but I guess I was so busy with the itinerary and bus routes and parking garages to want to put forth much effort into photography.  Also, as always, I was cold), and Tahoe on Tuesday.

The girls were super patient subjects as I continue to not-quite-legally-blindly feel my way through shooting in “not auto” with our DSLR camera.  I got practice addressing the special challenges of trying to get something specific in the background, indoor photography and shooting in direct sunlight.  And, all I can say is I need a lot more practice.  There are just so many settings and things to think about while shooting that don’t occur to me until I’m looking through the photos on my computer.  Most of the photography I’ve done in my lighting class was portrait photography with the widest aperture possible, but I realized for most of these, I’m interested in the background as well so I should’ve closed it down.  I’m also still having issues with getting the sharpest focus on the right part of the photo.

Anyway, it’s fun to work on it and I had so much fun having some company for a few days!  Thanks for coming to see me, guys!!

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One thought on “Katie & Julie Visit!

  1. I enjoyed the pictures, no matter your thoughts of the quality! 🙂

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