Party Planner

A couple weeks ago, we had a dinner in conjunction with “Testimony Night” for the confirmands at our church.  This year, I got to do the decorations.  We had about 100 people and I had $100 for all the decorations, napkins, tablecloths, plates, cups, etc.  I decided to play off the traditional Confirmation colors of red and white and do red and aqua(/varying shades of blue, green, and blue-green).  Also, after only two years of rest, I decided I was ready to make a few more tissue paper pom poms.  I barely remembered to grab a couple pictures with my phone before the event started but here we are:

Table A: image-2

Table B:

I was not planning on our maroon sanctuary chairs being part of the color scheme(thought we’d be using these black plastic chairs we have) and I don’t know how I decided to do balloon topiary centerpieces, but I had a lot of fun!  Also, “balloon topiary” is fun to say and fun to make.  I may make some full size balloon topiaries in the future.  These were made from water balloons.


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  1. Nice job!

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