Sew What?

The past several months, I have been on a big, big, sewing kick.  After I randomly decided to make a quilt from the leftover centerpiece base fabric squares from the Confirmation dinner, one of my friends pointed out that I must be nesting sew I guess that could explain it, even though I’ve only made one thing for the baby, two if you count the quilt, which I may or may not share.  😉

Sew a couple months ago I made two initialed canvas bags, one for my sister-in-law Katie and one for my mom.  I was going to just buy one of those blank canvas bags in the craft section, but they were out of stock sew I ended up making the bag from duck cloth and woven straps from the trim section.  Turned out to be quite simple.  I got the idea to attach a lower case initial here.

image_1 image

For my mother-in-law’s birthday, I was going to make a casserole carrier and oven mitts but the oven mitts were a miserable sewing failure, sew she got a casserole carrier and square pot holders.  I never knew you could just buy this stuff called Insul-Bright at a craft store that, you know, insulates things just like a store-bought oven mitt.  I always thought homemade pot holders were just layers of fabric and batting.  Which could still be true.  Anyway, I got the tutorial for the casserole dish carrier here

image_4 image_3 image_2

Then I turned to the textile needs within our own home.  I’ve been wanting and looking for some pillow covers for the guest room for a while with no luck.  Sew, I made these, pretty much from my brain and the remnant bin at Jo-Ann fabric.  They were very simple but more time consuming than I anticipated(typical).  Lots of long straight seams.


Then, as I mentioned earlier, I spontaneously decided to make a “quilt”(I find it ironic that this thing I threw together in a few hours on my machine shares the same name as the amazing intricate handmade creations some people work on for a year), mostly because I liked the fabric I bought for the centerpiece bases, and I was able to run around and grab all twenty-four  ten inch squares after the dinner and I thought that would be a good amount for a nice little quilt.  It has a navy flannel backing and is very soft and fuzzy.


The most difficult of the sewing projects, the first one I’ve made from a pattern by myself and everything, was a teeny tiny miniature almost-but-technically-not-quite-a-suit for the baby to wear for baptism.  While it is not perfect, and many seams were ripped and many frustrations expressed, and though the directions were tossed aside in favor of what made more sense to my brain a few times, I think it is very cute.  And it had better fit.  It’s supposed to fit someone between eight and twelve pounds.

image_5To cap(tain) it all off, one very quick, easy and exciting sewing project has been pinning and sewing Caleb’s new rank onto all his non-deployment uniforms.  Whoo hoo!

image_8That’s all of it!  Told you I’ve been on a big sewing kick!





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3 thoughts on “Sew What?

  1. Wow you have been busy! I’ve seen those casserole carriers for sale at draft shows, sew you could go into business! 🙂 The little suit is sew ADORABLE! That is quite a difficult project to tackle for your first one with a pattern. Buttonholes and everything! And congrats again to Caleb!

  2. CO Mom

    Sew glad to see your sewing machine getting lots of use! I love the canvas bag you made for me.

  3. When we skyped you only showed me the suit and the quilt (which I was extremely impressed with), sew I really had no idea how much you have actually done! I am very impressed!

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