If You Go to a Zoo…

Or if you are just in need of a cute animal fix, you should check out this neat website, www.zooborns.com.

Basically it’s a photographic database of news articles about zoo babies around the world, so if you’re about to go to a zoo, you can click on the link to that zoo and see what animal births they’ve had recently, or if the babies are out in the exhibit or still tucked away.   Plus the articles just kind of show you cute pictures and videos and interesting information about how the zooborns are doing.

Or, if you’re just wondering which zoos have baby polar bears, tigers, etc., you can click on an animal and it will show you news articles, photos, and videos of which zoos have that zoo baby.

Ok, just thought I’d share that fun little site with y’all.


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One thought on “If You Go to a Zoo…

  1. awww – the muskox!!

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