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A couple of weeks ago, I made a fruit pizza for a BBQ our Life Group had,  mostly because I like fruit pizza. This one I spread the cookie dough crust too thin and it stuck like crazy to the pan and I ended up at the BBQ trying wrestle pieces off the pan while explaining to all these people what a fruit pizza was.  They had never heard of such a thing, can you believe that?!


The next day was my 27th birthday and I got lots of nice gifts, cards, calls, texts, and emails.  I got a pedicure the day before, a mini-facial the day of, and went out to dinner with some friends: (tough shooting in low light with an iPhone, but I wasn’t ready to haul the nice camera out for one picture that I know a server has to take.  Especially since you’d really need the shoe flash to get a nice picture)

Bday group

Caleb and I were recently gifted a tripod, so I’ve done a couple fun things with that!

Bored and wanting to play the tripod one evening:





And, something really cool that I’ve always wanted to try but never had the capability: I took the tripod out to photograph fireworks this year!  This was just the little fireworks show in our small town, and I was at least a mile away from the site, but I still thought they were really cool!  I’d love to try again sometime when I’m right under a show.  One thing that pleasantly surprised me was that with the tripod and self-timer, I was able to set my settings, adjust the timer to take nine pictures at a time, and then I just pressed the shutter every so often but was otherwise able to sit back and enjoy the show.  I’m always wary of getting trapped behind the camera, working hard to photograph an experience and as a result kind of missing the experience.  The tough part was I ended up with over 100 neat fireworks pictures, and I had to narrow it down!  (I’m also wary of keeping more than one shot of essentially the same thing.  Sort of a digital clutter-phobia.)

Hope you had a great fourth of July and are enjoying your summers!


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2 thoughts on “Stuff & Things

  1. CO Mom

    thanks for the fireworks show! the only ones I saw this year. nice to see you having fun with the camera!

  2. Sorry about your pizza – but it looks gorgeous! Also, the fireworks photos are awesome! They look just like ones you’d see in a book or magazine.

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