Ultimate VBS

Hi All!

Hope you are all staying cool.  It’s been quite hot here but in the week Caleb has been home we have enjoyed many outings including dining out, mini golf, bowling, going to the movies(Planes 2–pretty good), and going to the pool.  Even being able to run errands together as we prepare for baby and for selling our house is a nice treat.  Also, so far Caleb has been able to play Ultimate in Sacramento twice, something he dearly missed during his last brief stint at home between deployments #2 & 3.

I took our camera along for the first Ultimate session in hopes of getting some super awesome action shots and mostly what I gained is an appreciation for sports photographers–it’s hard to just keep your eye on the viewfinder and your finger on the shutter waiting and waiting for something epic to happen!  So here are a few pictures from Saturday Ultimate, and I also wanted to include some pictures of the decorations from VBS at our church this year(click on a thumbnail to enlarge or flip through).

We did Group’s “Weird Animals” so the main set in the sanctuary was supposed to be sort of “Welcome to the Dr. Seuss Jungle” and the preschool hall and rooms were “Under the Sea”.  I helped a little bit with some of the conception and production of the decorations, but the vast majority was done by this team of people the church has that helps with the VBS set every year.  Most of what you see was made from cardboard(refrigerator boxes from a local furniture/appliance store) and plastic tablecloth rolls and a lot of paint and hot glue, and I think it’s pretty amazing.

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2 thoughts on “Ultimate VBS

  1. Marcia Johnson

    Hi Tara,

    I’d like to follow your blog. Added my name/email address below.


  2. So glad Caleb is home! The VBS sets are amazing! Lots of work.

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