Back to School

Many of you may have already heard this, but wanted to officially announce that we finally got Caleb’s next assignment a couple weeks ago and explain a bit.  Caleb is going to be an instructor in the T-6 Texan II at Vance AFB in Enid, OK!  You are also probably aware that this was not our first choice for airframe or location, but there are a lot of positives about this assignment and we are excited to go “back to school”.  An aside: whenever I hear “back to school” I think of this song from Billy Madison, a movie I have only seen once or twice.

Before Caleb goes “back to school” as an instructor, he goes “back to school” to learn how to be an instructor, which brings us to our next move: heading to San Antonio for about five months.  I am particularly excited to spend one more winter in a warm climate and explore a big new city, and one that’s reputed to be lots of fun.  We’ll be leaving CA mid-November, and then leaving TX mid-April.

Caleb went back to work today, for however many days that lasts until he gets to start his paternity leave.  We’ve had a great past couple of weeks, just enjoying hanging out and doing some fun little hikes and lots of pool visits, catching up with friends, etc.  We watched the Sacramento AAA team beat the C Springs Sky Sox on Friday, which was unfortunate but still a fun outing, complete with a post-game fireworks show!  We’ve been making lots of small improvements and repairs around the house since we’ll be listing it in about a month.  Caleb spent about three days repairing a couple sections of our west fence, including digging a rotted fence post out of its concrete block with a crowbar, hammer, and shovel and installing a new post in concrete.  I was totally ready to call someone and fork over the money on day one, but he wanted to do it himself and he did a great job.  🙂

One other recent “back to school”, Caleb recently completed a crash course in photography, taught by me, using the handouts and methods I have from the photography classes I’ve mentioned.  We covered the basics, exposure, lighting(the most important/helpful, I think), and Lightroom.  Here are a few shots he took while practicing outdoor lighting and learning basic lighting patterns:

Rembrandt lighting–actually kind of between Rembrandt and loop.  Rembrandt is just a triangle of light on the eye/cheek, and this light almost connects to the light on my chin.  We also did a split lighting one–where the line between light and dark is down the center of the face–but I think it got deleted.

Caleb's Shots-5

This was our loop lighting shot.  A large loop, just the edge of my face is still dark.

Caleb's Shots-7

Open shade.

Caleb's Shots-2

Oh, and one afternoon last week we built a fort(under my insistence, really) and watched Aladdin.  🙂



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2 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. We are sorry Caleb didn’t get the assignment he wanted, but we are glad that you will be close to Wichita! How long will you be there, or is this a “permanent” assignment (is that an oxymoron in the military?) Great job on the photos, Caleb. I can definitely see what you are describing about them. Cool fort! I bet you will be making lots more of these in the future with your little boy. Was it a little awkward getting in there in your condition? 🙂

    • Yes, like I said there are a lot of positives and it definitely could be worse so overall we’re feeling good! We’d been told for some time that the “dream assignment” was highly unlikely. It is called a permanent duty station, meaning 3-4 years. When we’re there we’ll be “permanent party” as opposed to the students, and the technical term for the move is PCS: permanent change of station. Slightly different use of the word permanent from most people’s definition. Although really after 1.5 years here and 2.5 years there, 4 years seems like a really long time. 🙂 The five months in San Antonio is called “temporary duty” or “TDY”. I’m still relatively limber so it wasn’t too bad getting in and out of the fort, but it was a little tricky to get comfy lying on the floor for a couple hours.

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