Another Visit + a Few Pictures

This past week we had more guests coming to see Cody: Caleb’s parents!  Again, we mostly hung around the house, but we enjoyed a few last outings to the pool and they were very helpful in preparing our house to be photographed and go on the market, which it did, on Friday!  They also watched Cody for us while we went out to dinner together one night, so that was really nice.

If you would like to see how our house appears to potential buyers, click here.  Although, if you’ve visited us, you know our house looks like this all the time 😉 (Not)

In other news, Cody has been working very hard on developing his neck muscles and is even enjoying a little assisted standing.  🙂  He continues to enjoy good health and is generally happy.






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4 thoughts on “Another Visit + a Few Pictures

  1. CO mom

    thanks for putting these up already. what a sweetheart! You’re house looks pinterest-perfect; great pictures!

  2. So great that both sets of grandparents have now met Cody! What a treat to go out just the two of you. Love Cody’s hair! 🙂 Your house should sell in a heartbeat.

    • I love his hair too! I’ll be so sad if and when it falls out in a couple months like people say it will.

  3. Anonymous

    These are such sweet pictures of Cody and so good of all of you. I know you loved the visit with both sets of grandparents; how nice they all had the opportunity to see Cody in his early stages.

    I really enjoyed seeing the pics of your home. It is very pretty and, if it were my home, I wouldn’t want to leave but I suppose you have no choice, right?

    Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. They are all just great! Keep them coming!

    Love you,

    Grandma Dee


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