Last post from California!  We are looking forward to getting to Texas and making left turns at our own discretion next week!  (In California, 99.9 percent of stoplight intersections are left turn with arrow only.  Even the insignificant tiny neighborhood stoplights.)

Cody has been madly in love with his hands lately.  He loves sucking on his fist and fingers and rubbing his hands all over his face and grabbing whatever’s in reach.


A minute before I took this picture, he had both fists under his chin, thumbs against his neck, and I thought it looked funny, like he was putting up his guard for a boxing match, but then he moved them and he looks like a cute baby with his hands up by his mouth.  🙂


We decided to celebrate our anniversary early this year, since it’s right after we get to Texas and we won’t have a babysitter yet.  So we hired a babysitter and went out for a nice Italian dinner and gelato afterwards.  🙂


Earlier that day, we attended a birthday party for a one-year-old; the child of some Air Force friends.  The party was aviation-themed, and the favors were a tube of bath tub fingerpaint soap, and these fun airplane whistles, which Caleb reluctantly kindly agreed to demonstrate for you all.  I told him I wouldn’t be able to describe how neat and fun they are, and how they look like adult pacifiers, hee hee.

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4 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. CO Mom

    Oh, good! I was hoping you’d post some pics before you left. Cody is sweet; I hope he dries off his fingers before he rubs them all over his face. Happy 4th anniversary. Good job with the airplane whistle, Caleb—the perfect toy for pilots. xxoo

  2. Great Grandma

    Beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing them. I can’t wait to see Cody in person some day.

  3. Mary

    You both look fantastic in your anniversary picture. Great idea to hold up your fingers; soon you’ll both be holding up 2 hands-time flies! I was ready for a Cody fix:) Looking forward to seeing you all in TX!!!

  4. Happy anniversary! When do you leave? Safe travels! Cody looks like a happy baby. 😀

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