Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

This is our first Christmas with a fireplace, so I’ve been enjoying lots of warm fuzzy scenarios like so:


Our furnished rental is very…thoroughly decorated, so even though we brought our Christmas decorations, these and a couple little wooden nativities are all I’ve put up.  Oh, and we also decided to hang lights outside, even though we had only a four foot ladder and no staple gun!  What to do?


Our solution of adorning the large oak branches that arch over the driveway is a popular decorating choice in this neighborhood, although most people don’t use icicles.  I think they give off a more organic feel…or something.  Oh, and to get over the lack of ladder height, we just had Caleb shimmy out on those limbs (“Like a baby bear, Honey!” I coached from the ground, lol!) and I helped throw the ball of lights around the limbs.  Good times.

Everybody knows that Christmas trees have a certain magnetism to which children are particularly susceptible, but I had no idea it started so young!  Cody loooves looking at our Christmas tree! Lit, not lit, up close, from his tummy…Caleb enables him to grab ornaments and tree branches.  His favorite appears to be baby Jesus in a walnut shell:






Cody is still working on consistently rolling from tummy to back.  Sometimes he has a period of several days where he’s rolling and rolling, and then he has a couple days where he just can’t make it happen!  Here he is invoking the strategy, “where the head goes, the body will follow”, except you have to make your body follow eventually, little buddy! (See how his legs and hips are still basically in tummy time mode?)  Really the flexibility is amazing.


Cody now also enjoys practicing twisting and rolling during feeding, changing, and reading time, turning each event into an acrobatic affair!  Here we are taking a nice break from all that movement, reading “You Are Special” before nap. 🙂


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3 thoughts on “Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas!

  1. Anonymous

    These are so cute of Cody, you and Caleb. I like your house; it has such a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    Love you, Grandma Dee

  2. Great post. I just saw a video on Facebook of babies and Christmas trees – it was pretty cute. I like how you were innovative with your outdoor lights! Looks like Cody has about outgrown the sleeper! 🙂

    • He has, I think those pictures were the last time he wore it. 😦 I went out and got a couple in the next size (6-9 mos) that fit a little better, and one 12 month, different brand, and that one only fits him if he’s wearing a disposable diaper! Ahh!

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