More Visitors!

Not pictured here:  our visitors took one day to check out some fun sites around San Antonio, we watched a couple movies and played some fun games, some even ventured forth for some walks and jogs.  Thanks for making the trip, y’all! Adding to the excitement of this past week, Cody has really emerged as a mover and a shaker!  He’s started rolling several times in one direction, so that I can no longer turn my back on him for long!  Cody does not yet understand that he cannot roll through walls, planters, or furniture.  He also seems to like grabbing his feet, or anything else he can grab, pulling or rubbing off his socks, smacking his lips, blowing bubbles, squealing, and resting his head on your shoulder.  🙂 (These videos are basically identical…couldn’t decide which to post…)

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2 thoughts on “More Visitors!

  1. Fun family time! Great photos and videos. 🙂

  2. Mary Becker

    Enjoyed those 6 days immensely!!! Cody is learning so much-and I love each moment you capture in pictures and videos:) Thanks so much for your hospitality!

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