5 Months

A few new pictures of the little guy, but first, a couple tidbits not related to Cody:

Caleb took a little trip up to OK about ten days ago and we are in the process of purchasing a house there!  Yay!  Having infinitely more knowledge about the process–not being first time homebuyers–feels really nice!  We ended up going with a property on the older side, but it has a lot of square footage and the previous owners have already done some nice updates–flooring, carpet, counters, fixtures, paint, etc.–and we are planning a few updates of our own, and hoping that will be enough so that when we go to sell in a couple years, it will not stay on the market for so long as it did this last go-around.  We shall see :-/

Caleb had his first check ride(that’s like a test, if you’ve forgotten from pilot training) last week and passed and started flying in the instructor’s seat(the rear seat) this week!  He says people had told him it’s like flying with your hand in front of your face and they were right!  Great, just what every wife wants to hear, the father of her child is out zooming around in a dangerous aircraft with his hand in front of his face.  And we haven’t even introduced the ultimate variable: the Undergraduate Pilot Training Student in control of the aircraft; instructor standing by, walking the delicate line between letting the student correct their mistakes and taking control of the aircraft to avoid catastrophe.  Oy.

I had thought of a funny little quip about Cody I was going to share with y’all(I have to amuse myself somehow) but I’ve forgotten it for the time being.  The other day I was fantasizing about training Cody to crawl to a designated bowl when he feels the urge to spit up.  I feel we’ve been sufficiently humbled with the amount of spit up we’ve worn, and with Cody’s newfound mobility, he’s not always on his blanket and spits up on the carpet instead.  Note to self: always clean carpets before moving into house, or forever live with the thought of walking barefoot over the hidden remains of some other baby’s bodily fluids.

Anyway, here are some recent shots of our little cutie:


We tried to catch the doorway jumper glee on video, but in true Cody fashion, he only gives a glimpse of his true self to the camera.

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3 thoughts on “5 Months

  1. Marc

    Ha ha! Great comments. So proud of you guys !!

  2. Mary Becker

    I was LOL when I saw what Cody does when he is put on his nice blanket to play! He must keep you laughing:) Love those picts!!!

  3. Ah yes, I remember the spit up days! Great photos. Seems like all kids like the Johnny Jump Up. 🙂

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