Who’s Who?

I remembered the little thought I was going to share last time: I was thinking, rather wryly to myself, that one of the brilliant parts of God’s design for us to have children before reaching old age is that when your child grabs a fistful of your neck skin, it springs back into place fairly quickly.  I never thought I’d have someone grabbing fistfuls of my neck skin, but it’s been a frequent occurrence around here.  Also, despite wearing my hair in a ponytail, I’ve been losing a lot of hair from around my lower hairline, compliments of the grabber.  I knew this girl in high school who had such long thick curly hair that she actually had the lower section of her head shaved, but you couldn’t tell when she had her hair down, and I thought, that would actually be the ideal “mom cut!”  Because even if you cut your hair short, if it’s long enough for you baby to get his little hand around it, he will! Also I meant to share these two outtakes from the 5 month pictures, and I thought I’d offer up a little mom, dad, and Cody photo comparison.  We think Cody has Caleb’s coloring and dimples and size, but the shape of his features are mine.  What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Who’s Who?

  1. He’s so adorable! I think it’s hard to tell who he looks like more… I’ll give my updated opinion when he’s a little older. 🙂

  2. Cody looks like Cody! It’s difficult to tell with Caleb talking on the phone! 🙂 His eyes sure look blue.
    Fun to see the picture of Adelia. Glad she’s doing well!

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