Fun, Fun, Fun

Not that our lives are fun, fun, fun, all the time, but there are a few new fun things to write about!

1. Caleb and I got to go to a Spurs game last week!  Something we wanted to do while we are here, and they had a couple military appreciation days where we got a bit of a break on the tickets.  In case you’re unfamiliar, the Spurs are the reigning NBA champions, and traditionally a strong team.  They had a good game that night, beat the Orlando Magic, but not so soundly as to bore us, not by a long shot!  Sadly, due to time constraints, we had to leave when there were a couple minutes left in the game and they were only up by four or so points!


This was from our seats, right before Tim Duncan got the tip-off for the Spurs!

At&t center was huge!  I will my show my inner nerd by saying that it reminded me of this when we walked in and it was all dark cause they were doing this light show for introducing lineups:

Galactic Senate from the newer Star Wars movies

2. Cody has learned a new trick!


3.  Mom & Dad got a new toy–our first prime, or fixed focal length, lens!  We went with 50mm, after thorough research.  So far we have really enjoyed all the extra light this lens lets in, and nice blurred backgrounds.  We are still getting used to it and chasing after that ever-elusive razor-sharp focus.  Here are some sample images:

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6 thoughts on “Fun, Fun, Fun

  1. Becker, Julie D.

    Tara –

    This literally made my day,… seeing these adorable pictures of my little nephew! (I was studying for my chem test today and this was the perfect study break!) I am glad y’all are enjoying the nice weather, because here it is 10 degrees (feels like -6)… ☺ I have never looked forward to spring (much less summer) so much before coming to Grove City!

    Miss you all so much!
    P.S. I hope Cody is sleeping better by now!

  2. Mary Becker

    Wow-advanced to sit up before 6 months old-but we already knew that! The flavor of his hands must be something extra special;) SOOOOOO CUUUUUUTE:D

    • He might’ve been able to do it sooner, we’ve always supported him when sitting on the floor and then last week we let go and he just did it!

  3. Sitting up! (Does that cancel out sPitting up?!) And eating like a big kid. He’s growing up so fast. Thanks for the post!

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