Six Months Now, Y’all*!

*Y’all is really fun to say, although grammatically improper.

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6 thoughts on “Six Months Now, Y’all*!

  1. CO Mom

    awww. what a happy little guy. thanks for posting!

  2. How precious! I LOVE the 6 mo picture with the panda!! So cute! (The 4 month one is super cute too!)

  3. Mary Becker

    Wow, I can hardly believe Cody is already 1/2 year old! His pictures are adorable:) Hey, I wouldn’t mind “wading” through 25 pictures; keep them coming!!!

  4. Hehe, y’all’s baby is super cute. 😉 (lol, that’s definitely not grammatically correct, but surely fun to say!) Thanks for the update!

  5. marciasarahandemilysmom

    Hi Tara,

    Love seeing these pics! He looks so much like his daddy!

    Love you,


    Sent from my iPhone


  6. Yes, lots of cuteness there!

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