I confess I was once a scoffer of “infant swim lessons” but once Cody arrived and we discovered we had our choice of “swim schools” close to our house, we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to teach Cody to be comfortable and safe in the water, and I must say it’s been fun and babies’ natural capabilities are amazing!

Each 30 minute class starts with some little songs and splashing and bubble practice, and then you do a series of back glides, front glides, and submersions, laced with songs, safety skills, and water play!  They even have a little foam water slide that floats in the pool.

Cody was a little overwhelmed at first but now seems to enjoy class. He’s not bothered by the submersions and does a good job relaxing while floating on his back. Once he sort of put his face in the water and blew a couple bubbles out through his nose but we have not seen a repeat.


Ready to push off the wall for back glide!

Ready to push off the wall for back glide!

Back float

Back float

We give the turtle a high five after a back and front glide "lap"

We give the turtle a high five after a back and front glide “lap”

Caleb took these videos with his phone and they looked fine and then after uploading them to YouTube, they are all pixelated.  😦  But I decided it would be better to post grainy videos now then wait until I have time to try again and mess with a few things and risk not getting around to posting them ever.



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5 thoughts on “Swimming!

  1. Marcia Johnson

    Precious pics. Rylee has had swim lessons too and it’s so much fun to see them in the water. Best of luck in your move to Ok.


    • Thanks, Marcia! Have you gotten to see Rylee in the water? Cody had a lesson while Caleb’s grandparents were here so it was fun for them to see.

  2. I’ve seen videos where they teach babies to save themselves if they fall in, by swimming until they need air and then flipping over to their back and floating there. They start out with just a diaper, but then teach them to do it fully clothed too. It’s amazing.

  3. Mom/Mary

    He looks so relaxed in the float picture! Awesome that he enjoys the water now!

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